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Heart and mind, creative union

Creativity is humanistic or scientific

“The creativeness was born when the double passion for the humanistic world and the scientific world combines in a strong personality “

Steve Jobs

Spesso heart and mind, heaven and earth are contrasted, as if they were antithetical.
They are not because they are complementary, without one the other does not exist.
The humanistic world, which encompasses the evolution of man’s ideals and tensions and the scientific world, which should return answers and find solutions, are considered distant and separate.
Jobs marked with his professional and human experiences a gap between this world view and a fuller, braver, alternative and enriching one.

Heart and mind, creative union

The creativity born from the mixture is incomparable, has internal stimuli and perspectives, works on several levels and is able to understand the most diverse registers: it embraces the world.
How will we face the new if we don’t know our story?
The roots of the past make the tree of the future grow.
And here we are with the roots planted in our homes, today we are more similar to the vegetable kingdom than to the animal kingdom.
We don’t move but we communicate and we are all super connected thanks to Jobs’ genius.
This is an asset, if we keep the brain on, because we rediscover il tempo, the value of being close to those we love and above all we can think of; activities that we were in danger of losing.
We learn from the plant world, which is what allowed us to live on this planet.

Firm but connected.
Thanks Steve you have contributed a lot to the connection.
Thank you humanity if you understand the value of the connection between our brains, to improve.
So we like to think and act: curious and willing to welcome and give back, a little hungry and a little foolish, as suggested by this great character.

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