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Crazy Pallet

Crazy Pallet


It has been a while we had this “crazy” idea going on in our minds: to transform a factory pallet in something new, beautiful and creative to furnish home or decorate the garden. Finally that idea came into reality, “Crazy Pallet” has been lunched, this is a finely-made pallet, which brings colour and cheerfulness to your walls, terraces and outdoor spaces.

How to use it? As you like!


Once you get your favourite colour pallet and some online instructions, you can assemble it in less than 5 minutes. Then you have to do nothing but place crazy pots: ad hoc cases that can be filled with your preferred plants or with common objects that you like the most.

Now you just have to make room for your creativity and imagination!


Crazy Pallet fits perfectly both in your home and in your office, in fact it has the power to brighten up the most grey and blank wall. It is also perfect to make your garden a unique and uncommon place.
Take the chance to build a green wall in your kitchen, to give a little bit of character to your living room, and to rethink the design of your garden with chairs, benches, tables and a lot more!

Moreover assemble Crazy Pallet is extraordinary straightforward, as easy as playing with Lego, you will be able to free your creativity and imagination.


Crazy Pallet pieces are finely made to assure quality and longevity: we assure that only certified and smoothed wood, coming from the best firs is used.


We are also giving birth to a new and original Crazy Pallet line, which will soon be available. They will still be pallets but….colorful ones! To make it we will rely on water paintings: in order to make it bad-weather resistant and at the same time environmental friendly.
The specific technique implemented is called flow coating, a colouring method known for its low environmental impact, which contributes to keep the original dye longer.

Where is it produced?

Crazy Pallet is entirely produced in Italy, both regarding the design and manufacturing.
Crazy Pallet will soon be available in our shop online.

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