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Yoga sulla cima di una montagna

What is yoga? A reflection by Monica Nicoletti

Yoga is a discipline that shapes your attitudes and your approach to life; its regular practice leads to the inner awakening of awareness.

For this reason, it never arrives by chance in a person’s life, but always at the right time, when it is time for a change.

And so it was for me.

The word Yoga (from the Sanskrit root Yuj) means “union” and is manifested through the use of the body (with the postures / positions of yoga, asanas), in harmony with the breath (pranayama), with the mind, with the attention to the present moment.

It is a complex discipline, but practicable by all people who aim at a physical and inner balance and harmony. Thanks to its multitude of postures, it is possible to carry out a simpler or more complex practice, while obtaining the same benefits.

In a very short time from the moment I started, I discovered that I had a great passion for this discipline.

So I began to assimilate its basics and benefits, which slowly opened my heart, eyes and mind.

Practiced consistently, it brings the body back to maximum efficiency and favors centering and presence in managing daily life and relationships with others.

I continue my personal and professional training, because being on the road is the real goal and because this path opens up many possibilities for those who feel like a researcher in life.

The goal of Yoga is to re-establish a state of physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being, thanks to which one is able to carry out life projects with a sense of happiness, freedom and responsibility, respecting one’s personal ethics within the social morality.

Yoga pushes me to give my best every day and every day gives me all the emotions of this precious art.

Art that with pleasure and passion I love to pass on to those who share their life with me.

Om Shanti

Monica Nicoletti

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