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What is Muladhara Chakra and how to balance it

What is Muladhara Chakra?

The Muladhara Chakra represents the foundation of the entire chakra system.

It is located between the anus and the genitals, at the coccygeal plexus.

It plays an essential role for the rest of the energy centres, as it is the one that allows earth energy to reach our life structure, to root us and to incarnate us.

The better the rooting, the better the perspective with which we will face the difficulties of life.

The Muladhara Chakra (from Sanskrit mula = root) intensely connects us with the vehicle in which we make our existential journey: the physical body.

It affects the basic needs for physical survival (eating, drinking, sleeping, having a home, a family…).

It wants to ensure our survival and that of our species, thus pushing us to belong to something or someone as a matter of biological ego.

These biological and immediate needs allow us to develop the here and now, being present in the moment.

Its openness allows us to feel our feet firmly on the ground, our body vital and healthy, to nourish ourselves physically and spiritually, to put down roots, to have a physical and energetic existence full of satisfaction and inner stability.

The wisdom of the Muladhara Chakra is ancestral and essential; it brings attention to what is truly necessary and indispensable.

It invites us to prudence (which is already a great virtue), and teaches patience, which is fundamental to building what is truly important and meaningful.

Muladhara is a gateway to our deepest part and allows us to understand the origin of our fears. These emotions are fundamental for evolution and necessary for the development of consciousness, but they are often not real, let alone actual, visions.

What it is connected to:

  • the earth
  • life
  • rest
  • inner stability
  • protection
  • smell
  • family
  • money
  • possession
  • nature
  • the colour red
  • the physical body
  • birth
  • nutrition
  • the mother
  • giving and receiving
  • fears
  • death

How to balance the Muladhara Chakra:

  • contemplating the red sky at sunrise and sunset
  • exercising outdoors
  • maintaining physical contact with people, animals and plants
  • walking barefoot, especially on grass
  • receiving massages and relaxing sessions
  • listening to the sounds of nature and tribal and primitive music
  • using the colour red in clothing and accessories
  • eating red food
  • stimulating the sense of smell with essences of cypress, cedar, vetiver or patchouli
  • using crystals: red jasper, red coral, ruby, garnet, agate, hematite, black tourmaline, obsidian


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