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What are the 7 Chakras and how to unblock them

The chakra system (translated from Sanskrit as ‘wheel’, ‘vortex’ or ‘circle’) belongs to Eastern medicine and originated in India more than 4000 years ago.

Sometimes the oldest traditions conceal truly extraordinary remedies and recipes, which help to keep us in perfect shape!

It is built on seven levels, like seven energy stations placed one on top of the other, in a column of energy that rises from the perineum to the head and then beyond.

These stations are closely related to the physical and mental functions, and it is from there that any diagnosis for overcoming physical illnesses and inner ailments starts.

Each chakra, for example, is closely related to a specific part of our life; its function is linked to the organs and can affect their functioning, suffering negative or positive influences depending on how we live our daily lives.

They are also connected to endocrine glands, autonomic nerve plexuses and various parts of our body.

They have their own colour, sound, particular shape, all related to the type of energy frequency that inhabits it. From the lowest and coarsest frequency to the highest and most subtle, man becomes an antenna that receives and transmits using a universal language.

Knowing the chakras

Knowing the chakras can help us develop our inner divinity, our Self, provided we allow it.

This system is a virtual bridge connecting the polarities of heaven and earth, mind and body, spirit and matter.

The lower chakras, located close to the earth (perineum, sacrum, navel), relate to the more practical aspects of our lives, action, movement.

The upper chakras (heart, throat, mind, crown), on the other hand, represent the mental areas and utilise symbols, images, words, concepts.

The analysis and process of awareness from the lower chakras to the upper chakras is a real turning point that leads to a switch in one’s life… it is no coincidence that one switches to the heart frequency!

They are all interconnected, supported and nourished by the pranic energy or Prana that flows and spreads throughout the body through the Nadis. They too are connected to different processes: Ida the mental ones, Pingala the vital ones and Sushumna the awakening of spiritual consciousness.

The three main Nadis traverse the body from earth to heaven: the first two with a spiral movement, the third vertical; at the points where they meet, they provide locations for the chakras.

The chakras and the etheric body

Chakras belong to the body’s electromagnetic field (called the ‘etheric body’), invisible but perceptible, which extends just beyond the physical body and penetrates it.

The etheric body energetically supports the physical body and protects it from external attacks (thoughts, stress, conditioning, trauma, limited visions, physical and emotional wounds, toxic substances, bad habits…) and, thanks to the presence of the chakras, the mental body is also involved.

These external attacks, if not handled correctly, create disharmonies in the human being’s life processes and over time can worsen the situation considerably.

Nothing is an accident, and investigating using this system can be of great help in discovering the origin of the disturbance and resolving it.

Each chakra has a developmental stage in a person’s life, has a distinct identity and reflects a fundamental right that must be maintained to avoid dysfunction.

Moreover, it presents a test to be overcome in order to proceed on the path of our evolution.

The chakras can be energised through the use of colours, sounds, touch, crystals, essences but above all by analysing personal history to get to know ourselves and let go of everything that no longer belongs to us, in order to become the most active, healthy and radiant version of ourselves.

We will observe the chakras one by one, because only through awareness can we understand our true potential.


Monica Nicoletti

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