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How to use KalaMitica magnetic pots in the kitchen

KalaMitica Magnetic System in the kitchen

What can you do in the kitchen with KalaMitica?

Much more than one could guess!

Our likeable magnetic pot can indeed, not only bring some colour and cheerfulness to the house, but also being very practical: if you place it in the right spot, you will easily have everything at hand.

Furthermore, with the new line KalaMitica Home, equipped of apposite lid and without the inner magnet, you can exploit the pots to preserve foodstuffs.

The boule

The “boule” in the kitchen has several implementations, and you can make it a little trendier with a bottle of good wine in it.

We, as authentic Venetians, recommend Prosecco but you can naturally place whatever you like most, even Champagne!

Or, simply, a bottle of water.

Aromatic plants

If you like cultivating aromatic plants, you can try doing it with KalaMitica magnetic pots, maybe placing them near the cooking surface so you will always have them at hand.

Be sure that they are in an enlightened spot though; otherwise you can opt for tillandsias or succulent plants, they will not be of much need while cooking, but there is no doubt they can make the kitchen a little more enjoyable.

The way of spices

Food that must stay indoors

Pasta, biscuits, coffee, sugar and everything else. With Kalamitica Home you will have them at hand and at wall range! This line of clear magnetic pots is really useful to improve environments, bringing elegance and style.

You will be able to organize a splendid open pantry, allowing you to constantly keep an eye at the storages. Its lid will on the other hand preserve freshness and aromas.

This is not only a convenient solution, but also a stable and safe one: KalaMitica can be hung on metal surfaces through its strong magnet, or straight on the wall, thanks to a special wall support and two screws.

Make space for your creativity and relax! KalaMitica’s magnet has been studied to be strong enough to support many objects of different weights.  

What about you? Do you use KalaMitica in your kitchen? Have you had different ideas? Share them with us onon our Facebook page!

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