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Tisanes that help us warming up in winter

tisane einfusi invernali


Why do we like nature so much? Well, for many reasons, but primarily because we are greatly rewarded when we respect it. Just think about all the healthy powers of plants, roots, leaves, fruits and flowers, which we can benefit from every day through the use of tisanes and herb teas. The chance of holding tightly a hot cup of tea is a proper ritual for many of us, a little moment that we dedicate to ourselves that makes the cold season a little bit more “tolerable” and enjoyable.

What more could we ask for? We will therefore list here the three tisanes that best suit the cold season.

Ginger tisane, the exotic drink against winter ailments

Tisana allo zenzero


Ginger tisane is perfect to bring you a bit of Eastern ancient taste, its flavour is a bit chilly and exotic, and among its properties there is the immediate invigorating effect, which comes straight after drinking it.

How to make it? Pour 250ml of water in a small pot and make it boil. Then add three small ginger slices and leave it all like that from 5 to 10 minutes. Now you can put your tisane in a cup with a spoon of honey and some drops of lemon.

Ginger tisane helps you to get rid of stomach-ache, it fights fever and caught and moreover will equilibrate bacterial flora chasing away nausea.

Try to believe!

A body purifier: taraxacum herb tea

tisana o infuso al tarassaco


If you like Italian flavours, than taraxacum herb tea is what you are looking for. Also known as danderion, taraxacum is the flower of the just cited plant, which can spontaneously grow on our fields. You have probably seen it as it can be found even in urban environments.

To make a worth-to-drink herb tea out of taraxacum you can either opt for the lyophilized essence or employ its dried leaves or roots: you can find everything in an herbalist’s shop. Where to start from? Crumble 25g of fresh leaves or 15g of roots and plunge them into 1 litre of water at external temperature. Bring it at the boiling point and leave it go for 10 minutes then filter the mixture. It is recommendable to drink up to 3 cups a day.

Further from taraxacum’s warming characteristic, this plant has also significant diuretic, draining and depurative properties, particularly for the liver.

Melissa herb tea, and leave it all behind.

infuso o tisana di melissa


Who does not suffer of some stress once in a while? Well when that stressful period approaches you can rely on Melissa herb tea. This is a very easy to grow luxuriant plant whose properties can help you find some relax at the ending of a stressful day.

The making of our herb tea is pretty easy: it will be sufficient to crumble Melissa’s leaves into little pieces in the quantity of 5 gr per person. Now you just have to pure some hot water in a cup with the previously obtained paste and leave it there for 10 minutes circa. Finally you are left with nothing more than filtering the mix and drink it with a generous spoon of honey!


Melissa herb tea has many appealing properties among which we find digestive, relaxing and stimulating ones, it is also renowned to help against insomniac and weakness.


Foto credits: Top Jack Kennard, Zenzero Chiot’s Run, Melissa KaiMartin

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