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Il Toro Ferito, scultura in bronzo di Guido Sgaravatti

The Wounded Bull by Guido Sgaravatti

The Wounded Bull: I took the emblematic image of this work of Dad’s to post a sentiment of mine.

Perhaps a common feeling, probably many of us feel wounded like this Bull, we too feel we are in the arena of a bullfight.

We feel the burden of the banderillas on our backs, something that disturbs us, threatens us, takes away our energy and hurts us deep inside.

Bullfighting has been a popular spectacle in Spain but it is foolish, unfair and perverse!

In the bullring we cheer for the man, the bullfighter, but we do not realise the dreadful suffering of the bull, depicted in these images with Dad’s artistry.

An example where artistic expression becomes food for thought.

Guido Sgaravatti, who loved creation and nature, who rejoiced at the birth of a flower, sees this unjust act done by man for fun.

He transferred into his work the unacceptable violence done to amuse an arena of fools.

In this work he captured the suffering of a magnificent bull on which banderillas are inflicted.

The bull, symbol of fertility and wealth.

The bull slowly loses his strength, suffering because man kills him with sadistic power.

Topical, isn’t it?

We seem to be talking about what is happening in the world today….

The Bull that is in us, in our vitality and human energy, we cannot leave it in the arena.

The Bull in us must be safeguarded, and this sculpture is a reminder of the change of course and culture that is necessary for the survival of humanity.

Let us look it in the face: it is us suffering and overwhelmed by events.

Let us react strongly to violence, let us remove ourselves from the pain of this perverse spectacle!

A reminder to turn to goodness, work, understanding and the desire to safeguard creation.

We must save ourselves from the stupidity of a humanity that loves to fight.

Save ourselves from our own stupidity in believing we are infallible…not even science is.

We must save ourselves with humility and understanding, knowing that we are mortal but eternal…this is what he taught me.

He said that we are a trace, an indelible furrow in space/time, this earthly trace of ours will remain in the collective unconscious and will remain in time.

Guido Sgaravatti will be a regular guest in a section dedicated to him and in the Yoga section, where we will bring the public closer to the philosophy he loved and studied so much.

We will talk about his culture and his books, with his students and dear friends, and we will discuss his artistic work.

A gift to remember him, a trace, as he would have said, that will remain like this sculpture of the Wounded Bull and so many others of marvellous workmanship.


Antonio Sgaravatti

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