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The new KalaMitica headquarters: chronicle of a move

For some weeks now we have moved the KalaMitica headquarters to Brugine, in Via Volta 4.

We only moved a few kilometers, but, thanks to the August heat, we sweated the proverbial seven shirts!

Some even say that a move is more stressful than a divorce: we don’t know if that’s true, but we can assure you that stress levels have reached important heights!

It was not easy at all: a mountain of pallets to be moved and rearranged in a smaller space, offices to be emptied and many other things scattered around … many of them totally useless!

But trying to find the bright side, this move was very helpful in finally doing some cleaning.

That’s how it is: when you have a lot of space, as in the old office, you are filled with unnecessary things.

But it was time to eliminate what was no longer needed.

And that’s exactly how it went.

Work in progress … the shelves are being assembled in the new warehouse!

To throw or not to throw? This is the dilemma …

While we were preparing the boxes, the questions that rang from room to room were always the same: “But is this still needed? Will it be useful in the future? Is it linked to a good memory? “

Too often we depend on objects: sometimes they represent some memories to which we are particularly attached, but are we sure that these same objects are actually useful for our work?

Are we willing to take care of them, dust them and store them properly so as not to see them full of dust and in decay?

Decay and decay come the moment we stop putting in and putting in love to keep everything clean and tidy.

Less is more!

The less useless things we accumulate, the less time we will have to waste to keep them in order, and the more time we will have to take care of ourselves and the environments in which we live.

Everything in its place, a place for everything

Did you know? The term “to move” comes from the Latin trans- “beyond, beyond” and locare “to place, to place in a specific place”.

We wanted to take the meaning of this word literally, and moving to the new headquarters the watchword for everyone was: “Everything in its place, a place for everything!”

Easy to say… less easy is figuring out which is the right place for everything.

However, it is necessary to do so, otherwise there is a risk of leaving the environments in which we live and work in disorder.

The first task we set ourselves, therefore, was this: to understand how to best occupy the available spaces and how to arrange all the materials necessary for the various processes to always have them at hand.

Of course, for us it was a breeze to find the boards and containers to organize our workstations!

Now what?

Mind you… we’re not finished, because there is still a lot to do!

We have not yet beautified the offices, set up the showroom, decorate the entrance … the important thing was to get the company up and running as quickly as possible.

Calmly, one piece at a time, as is done in a new home, we will also make our company home pleasant and comfortable.

And don’t fill us up again with unnecessary things.

The new KalaMitica headquarters is just beautiful!

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