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Mint, your best ally for summer

use of mint

Why grow mint?

Because it grows easily, enhances our salads and, above all, is the main ingredient of mojito!

Mint resists even with the most inexperienced hands and forgetful growers. It is widespread everywhere, and grows by division.

What does all this mean? That your mint bush will grow quickly, making you really, really happy.

Here the best known type of mint is peppermint, but why stop at only one type? Spicata, Aquatica, Arvensis, Pulegio…

Better find a well-stocked retailer and take some time to smell the perfumes that best inspire us, thinking about what dishes they could enrich.

In addition to salads, the recipes with mint are endless: try it roasted with garlic and breadcrumbs, for a delicious last-minute dish of spaghetti; or with all the recipes with zucchini (it is special simply chopped and sprinkled on grilled ones) or, again, in omelettes and summer fruit salads.

In the warm summer evenings, there’s nothing better than using your own mint for unforgettable mojitos.

And it’s even better if you can find the right species: we are talking about the hierba buena, also known as Cuban mint or nemorosa, used in the original mojito recipe.

The most traditional drink does not include crushed ice, but only a mixture of brown sugar and lime juice, perfumed with a sprig of mint, to which must be added cubed ice, white rum and sparkling water.

Do you like our lime green boule? Buy the yellow one!

If you are looking for an extra dose of refreshment, just crush the brown sugar with the lime slices, add 6-7 mint leaves detached from the tops of your plant, chop the ice and fill the glass with white rum.

Nothing ensures the success of the evening like a mojito prepared with mint harvested directly from your own garden!

If your mint plant, as likely, will grow so fast to make vain any attempt to reduce it with your mojitos, you can always keep it for winter herbal teas.

It will be sufficient to cut the stems and, after letting them dry hanging in the shade, divide the leaves and place them in jars!

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