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The globalisation group – Monica Nicoletti

I have participated many times in ‘globalisation group’ meetings with Guido Sgaravatti.

At every opportunity I came away nourished, educated and relaxed.

A space for sharing, where each participant is absolutely free to express his or her thoughts without fear of being judged.

Where you perceive that listening is sincere and silence makes room for your words, here you can let go.

And it is a space that everyone can access and where there is always something to give and receive.

During the course of the globalisation group, only those who have the floor can speak and have the right to be heard.

This technique therefore teaches you how to be a good listener, just as it allows you to express yourself clearly.

In this way, everyone else can understand your thoughts.

It is an ancient technique that is also used by other cultures. In the Native tradition, for example, the talking stick is used, which helps to clarify one’s thoughts in order to express them in the best possible way.

A study topic (bija) is chosen and, having established the time available, in an orderly and fluid manner, the interventions begin, one person after the other.

After examining the most superficial aspect of the subject in the first round, one begins to explore deeper and deeper (or higher) levels.

Without almost realising it, one investigates within oneself, to make order and cleanliness, consequently also in the collective unconscious.

Each person thus regains centredness, regaining serenity and a clear perception of what is essential.

Therefore, it is a true form of therapy.

What exactly the globalisation group is is not easy to define; it presents aspects of group therapy, of didactic technique, of fact of custom and antidote to habitual pseudo-communication. It is also a new type of cultural exchange […] the globalisation group is born out of a pedagogical experience and proposes an ordered, autonomous and profound communication that is urgently needed. It digs deeper and deeper into the discovery of individual reality.

I invite you to have this simple but profound experience, as old as it is now.

By contacting the Arte4D Association of Montegrotto Terme, you will be able to stay updated on upcoming meetings, which will take place online for the time being.

It is up to us to reclaim the collective consciousness!

Guido Sgaravatti

Monica Nicoletti

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