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The beauty of dreams

Continue to dream of beauty

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams “

Eleanor Roosevelt

A bold and bright message of good wishes for phase 2 which we will soon meet. TO ALL OF YOU a future of beauty, you who continue to believe in dreams.

What more apparently ephemeral than dreams and beauty?

For us it is not ephemeral, in the company beauty is a daily search for harmony, measures, sustainability in what we do, colors, human relationships and sharing of values.

We seek what touches the strings of emotion and which gives rise to beautiful thoughts.

It is a continuous dream with you who follow us creating new opportunities and new ideas ..

And isn’t this a force?

Up to animate dreams and build a job that aims to satisfy the desire of each of our beloved customers.

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Here is our special wish to face the change taking place: be confident of the beauty of your dreams.

And that’s what we need so much to start and fly again.

Good restart from all the staff of KalaMitica

Anna Eleanor Roosvelt (USA 1884 – 1962) was the wife of Franklin Delano Roosvelt, President of the United States between 1933 and 1945. Alongside her husband in difficult and crucial years for American history – the post-crisis of 29 and participation in the Second World War – she managed to carve out an autonomous and incisive role despite the official commitment. Innovative in ideas thanks also to the lively youth formation, she knew how to give an incisive turn to the state investment in the arts and culture, a fact for which the Roosveltian presidential period remained famous. Firm supporter of universal human rights and women’s rights, in particular, she chaired the commission that approved the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

For more information: E. Roosvelt in Treccani Online e Wikipedia .

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