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Seizing opportunities

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”

Sun Tzu

Sometimes we wonder…

When will the right moment come?

The time is now!

We are all waiting for opportunities, but sometimes we recognize them as such only in retrospect.
Instead, by changing our point of view, we can grasp them everyday.

Small and medium-sized enterprises today have to work in synergy.
Working in synergy with other small and medium-sized entrepreneurs becomes a necessity when you do not have specific skills.

Only by putting together the skills will it be possible to increase the competitiveness of Italian companies.

Nowadays, there are numerous problems that small and medium enterprises, professionals and small artisans of excellence have to face in order to make themselves known and sell their products in the world.

Traditional distribution

Distribution through traditional channels, such as agents, distributors and shops, has long been showing difficulties.

On the other hand, online distribution in Europe is seeing double-digit growth year on year.

The pandemic further accelerated the process.

Professionals and small and medium enterprises

Professionals and small and medium businesses are not always able to afford capable web consultants.

The costs are often too high, and the risk of relying on inexperienced professionals is great.

Logistics and administration for online shipments

There is an objective difficulty in dealing with the logistical and administrative organization of online sales.

And if we talk about foreign countries, bureaucracy increases, with even more important difficulties.

The return on investment

Communication and sales via the web unfortunately have medium-long timescales, require heavy investments and results are generally collected in the medium term.

Can small and medium-sized businesses afford it?

Promote circular economy

Circular economy is fundamental today, but often results in a closed loop,

For companies that want to give prestige to Made in Italy, making themselves known via the web by selling abroad, allows to generate export turnover, creating wealth for the whole country.


What solutions to adopt?

A first choice is using existing platforms , such as Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress, to sell products.
However, it is not always possible to be visible, since these platforms are full of products.
The risk is not to be found by potential customers: if you want to sell, you need solid skills.

A second solution could be to create specific networks between similar companies, to achieve common goals.
The most obvious difficulty lies in the ego of entrepreneurs, which can often block synergy, especially between competitors.
It is not easy to put companies together thinking that the best wins, since each company lives through its own peculiarities, it does not like to be compared.
In addition, communication must be personalized, to make potential customers understand the real advantages offered on the market.

What can we do at Sgaravatti Trend

The third and last solution is to propose products other than the core ones , on sites that have good visibility around the world.
This is the solution that we are adopting at Sgaravatti Trend Srl, thanks to our e-commerce . Here we put our experience in communication and online sales, helping small businesses of excellence to promote their products.
It’s a kind of cross communication, consistent as for business objectives but not always for type of product.

We believe in this , and soon we will make a first test on our website.

We also believe in this message, a message of unity even for businesses that are suffering.

We open our doors and give them the opportunity to make themselves known via the web.

These opportunities in turn will multiply, leaving room for other opportunities.

This is what Sun Tzu wrote in his text on military strategy, and this is what we like to think.
A positive strategy, open to opportunities, full of trust and passion.

Sun Tzu – originally Sunzi – was a Chinese general who probably lived between the 6th and 5th century BC.
He wrote a well-known treatise on military strategy, composed of thirteen chapters dedicated to the various aspects of war. Many of his tips related to the competition, the encounter with the other, the sources of our confidence and strength are valid still today, and can be applied in everyday situations.

For more information: Sun Tzu, The art of war, Wikipedia.

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