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The sacral chakra, or Svadhishthana: how to balance the second chakra

What is the sacral chakra? Features of the second chakra

Svadhisthana in Sanskrit means ‘abode of the Self’ or ‘support of the life breath’.

In the energy of this second chakra we find all the magic and beauty of life, an uninterrupted flow that is continuously and simultaneously identical and different to itself.

Polarisation and thus the continuous succession of contraction and expansion is the dominant characteristic of this centre, which is the origin and expression of the energy of water and all that is fluid.

The second chakra or Svadhisthana Chakra is the centre of the unconscious both in this life and in previous lives. It holds experiences, emotions, unconscious movements and often traumatic experiences, i.e. the powerful drivers and influencers of creativity and the sometimes powerful and rebellious personality.

The energy of Svadhisthana chakra leads us to be empathic and to feel everything and everyone as part of a whole, not just fellow human beings, but every living creature, planets, mountains, oceans, natural phenomena…

Always on the hunt for new experiences and intense emotions, constantly in the motion of life, free and open to change, free from guilt, rigidity, beliefs, fears, ego, which often do not belong to us and separate us from the Whole, making us feel isolated.

By stimulating the energy of the second chakra through the practice of Hatha Yoga, it is possible to accumulate and distribute Prana (vital energy) to the entire organism, with energy and vitality.

Not only that: with the recognition at this level of our spiritual part, we can make our energy stronger, our inspiration more abundant and our existence joyful!

Everything is made of pure non-dual awareness that can lead us to happiness by discovering the invisible part of us that projects itself into the world, the anima mundi.

What the second Chakra is connected to:

  • to water
  • to life energy
  • to emotions
  • to movement
  • to cyclicity
  • to naturalness
  • to change
  • to creativity
  • to discovery
  • to one’s own boundaries
  • to pleasure
  • to sexuality
  • to body fluids
  • to morals
  • to physical contact
  • to guilt
  • to taste
  • to the colour orange

How to balance the sacral Chakra:

  • meditating on the meaning of birth, death, initiation, regeneration
  • contemplating the moon on full moon nights and its reflections
  • bathing and being carried away by the current
  • practising Hatha Yoga
  • walking, running, swimming and dancing
  • avoiding postures with crossed legs
  • eating a liquid diet
  • eating red-coloured foods
  • using the colour orange in clothing and accessories
  • listening to slow, deep sounds that vibrate in harmony with the cosmic rhythm
  • stimulating the sense of smell with essences of ylang-ylang, sandalwood, rose, rosemary, geranium
  • using crystals: amber, carnelian, moonstone, topaz, citrine


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