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Plants and flowers to create a balcony garden

Balcony, as they say, is a special place, perfect to create a small garden, a proper green oasis where to spend few moments relaxing outdoor maybe taking care of plants or just admiring them.  However to have a flourishing and healthy garden the right plants are needed according to tastes, sunlight exposition and many other factors. Let’s now see together which seeds we need.

If your balcony is well enlightened you can rely on lavender to colour and perfume a piece of it (or even all of it!), this plant needs a good amount of light to grow but it will pay you back with its stunning flowers, its adorable scent and even keeping mosquitos away. All the former characteristics are very similar to the ones of geranium, the “king” of the terrace, very easy to grow for everyone having a “sunny” balcony.

lavanda sul balcone

Do you want to play it big? Then go for bougainvillea, the climbing plant that will allow you to decorate walls too. Also the Mediterranean Hibiscus, Myrtus and Lantana are worth mentioning if your balcony is well sun-exposed.

And what if your balcony has the misfortune to be in a shady corner? Do not give up! Despite most plants need a good amount of sunlight, some species prefer places a little darker (where the sun gets through only for few hours a day).


Get started with agatea and dipladenie, you will be gladly surprise to see that these plants can grow splendid with little sun, gifting you with an out-and-out garden on your balcony.  Otherwise you can go for the impatiens (in photo), a plant that disprove its name, being very patient, and that can be grown with extreme ease.

If you still have room on your terrace and you think that something useful other than beautiful is needed than you can opt for some aromatic herbs, the most cultivated on balcony are thymus, sage, basil and rosemary.

balcone aromatiche

They are rustic plants that once grown with some few cares can give satisfactory results, even to the least capable.

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Impatiens: elemsee
Aromatiche: Suzette –

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