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Plants and flowers foretelling Spring

Spring has begun with the 20 of March vernal equinox, but we could have told it even with no calendar at hand. To tell us is nature itself: flowers, bloom and plants cover landscapes with their outstanding beauty of colours and fragrances. But which are the flowers and the plants announcing the incoming good season? We will report here after the main ones, as an encyclopaedia would be needed to list them all.

Camellias, the evergreens that go pink


As tall as 15 metres camellias are catalogued in botanic as evergreen plants, however in spring they turn to a beautiful, almost scarlet, bright pink. In the most mitigated zones they already bloom at the beginning of March, therefore being the first to welcome spring.

Primroses, the vernal flowers by definition


The primrose is the flower most associated with spring. It does not need much care and it is hence very liked by newbie growers. Its flowering lifts the spirit and brings joy thanks to its pleasant fragrance and to its colours which bring cheerfulness to the landing straight after winter.

Ornamental cherry trees, a white and lilac show

Ciliegi ornamentali

This variety does not produce the traditional juicy cherries that you are used to eat during summer.  Nevertheless, the plant exhibits a visual show with no comparison: often protagonist of urban outfit, the ornamental cherry tree announces the spring arrival with an impressive white-lilac blooming.

Tulips… and spring comes also on the balcony


They could not be forgotten: tulips, the flowers symbol of Holland. Beloved and cultivated all around the world, the tulips show different shapes and colours with respect to their variety. Have you ever grown them in your home terrace? Do not worry, even with no green fingers you will have an easy growing, tulips do not ask for especially demanding cares and they are perfect for training the beginners!

Beautiful and vain Narcissus


Are we talking about beauty by any chance? Well, then we cannot ignore the vain Narcissus, as they are first bloomers at the spring beginning too, and they donate as well a wonderful show of colours.

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