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Overcoming mental laziness

We can read but we are not all poets

Who can’t read words and sentences?

Nowadays, practically everyone is able to do it.

Yet lately we have a big problem, what experts call “functional illiteracy”.

In simple terms, we read but we don’t understand.

This is not always due to lack of education or poor general knowledge; sometimes, the reader choose knowingly not to understand anything.

Normally this is considered mental laziness, and many think that young people are most affected by this problem.

But how do you overcome mental laziness and functional illiteracy?

Here’s the good news: even though these obstacles may seem insurmountable can be overcome.

Let’s think about what we normally read: today i social networks they offer us endless amounts of posts and stories, but in most cases it is propaganda aimed at the belly of the reader.

We are now accustomed to assimilate everything we see on the screen passively, without turning on the brain.

But everything changes when we find gods valuable content, which force us to reflect: the moment we think, our brain stays on.

For this, the writer should strive to create mental images, for arouse real emotions: only in this way it is possible to train the reader to think.

Let us take one of the best known poems by Giuseppe Ungaretti: “Soldiers”.

It is like


on the trees


Soldiers, autumn, trees, leaves: I am alone four simple wordswhich, however, put together well, turn into one masterpiece poetry.

How is it possible?

The explanation is just as simple: the historical moment in which these words were written, in the trenches of the First World War, and the images that they recall, create a very strong emotion, turn on the brain, become evocative.

It takes little then: you have to learn to put together well-known elements, thus creating masterpieces, but also products and innovation.

Come to think of it, what is a mobile phone if not some hardware put together?

But looking beyond the material side, we notice that there is a pensiero, that of being able to be connected with the whole world. And it’s a beautiful thought, if only it was used correctly.

We at KalaMitica have also put together a few simple materials: iron, resin and magnets … and thus was born the project of KalaMitica Magnetic System.

You don’t need to be a genius: that’s enough think differently and put well known things together.

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