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New ideas, new dimensions

Let’s open your mind to new ideas

“The mind that opens up to a new idea never returns to the previous dimension”

Albert Einstein

Let us look forward and we will not go back to the previous dimension, once we have taken the step further we will not go back.

And not because the solidity of experience is not appreciated, but because new ideas call to new dimensions.

The open mind to the new accelerates curious towards new other projects and the possibilities of realization and at this point the most innovative proposals are born and the energy to continue continues.

A little daring and it is easier for something to change, in any area.

Someone who had a truly brilliant mind said it

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Albert Einstein (Ulm, Germany 1879 – Princeton, USA 1955) physicist of international renown, still represents one of the pivotal figures of the science and culture of the ‘900. Intuitive and innovative scholar, he helped to change the conception of the rules of physics, leaving a fundamental mark for his discoveries on the theory of relativity (his Nobel Prize for Physics of 1921). He participated in the cultural climate of his time, also on the occasion of decisions relating to European war strategies in the Second World War. He repeatedly stated the need for intellectuals from each country to use their knowledge and fame to actively participate in the development of their country.

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