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May, the most beautiful roses

May is the month of roses.

We thought of celebrating it, and even our garden didn’t want to be outdone: there are colorful rosebuds in every corner!

But what varieties are we talking about? Here is a list of the 5 most beautiful roses.



Polyantha is characterized by its small size and by its flowers, which grow in clusters. For this reasons, this rose also adapts well to pot cultivation.

Slightly perfumed, it is also perfect as ground cover.



Cinderella is definitely the best among the vines: this variety presents great cupped flowers that give off an intense apple fragrance.

Its soft-pink colour and the bright green foliage recall the charm of the ancient roses, elegant and graceful.



Among the small-sized climbers, there is the Meg, beautiful if leaning against a hedge or a shrub.

Rightfully among the most loved varieties, this rose has flowers of a soft salmon-apricot colour, with crimson stamens.

Madame Butterfly


Madame Butterfly is the ideal variety to cover a warm and sunny wall.

Its heavy light pink flowers, supported by strong and robust branches, decorate the pergola with a sober touch of romance.

Golden Chersonese


Among bush variety the Golden Chersonese peeps out, a rose with dark brown branches and thorns and foliage similar to ferns.

The flowers, however, give shades golden yellow and they are abundant especially at the beginning of flowering.

And in your opinion, what are the most beautiful roses?

Credits: Sarah Washford, Patrick Nouhailler, wlashbrook, Malcolm Manners, Dale

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