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Many colours for little effort: what wildflowers are


distesa di wildflowers al tramonto

Imagine having the chance to recreate a bloomin’ garden, alive and plenty of colours, with no need to worry for it. It is unbelievable but possible, thanks to “wildflowers”. But what are they exactly?

Wildflowers are nothing more than spontaneous flowers and as such they have what it takes to live in the wild, even in the most unfriendly places. Hence their little need of cares is consequence of their nature and their growing is very easy and almost independent. They are even able to self-seed and once on a field they reproduce with extreme ease year by year, recreating different ornamental effects every time.

wildflowers rossi e gialli

Over their little need of cares wildflowers also exhibit a wide variety of colours. A field of wildflowers is in fact astonishing: an expression of nature in its deepest sense.

natuSince their wide variety in species, it is possible to create compositions of several different tonalities, often intense and striking, that extend to the whole seeding area. Among those spieces we find poppies, daisies, borage, taraxacum, primula, wild carrot, clover, healing herb and chamomile.

The presence of so many different species has also another advantage: it ensures that the area benefits of flowers’ blooming for more than just a season.

Area ricoperta di wildflower

For all these reasons, wildflowers are also used by institutions and public administrations to renew demoted areas, even for ornamental motives,such as the “Campo Sperimentale di Prato fiorito” in Torino or flowerbeds on highways.

Will we hear of them more often in the future? We hope so, where there is nature and colour, there is always something beautiful to see and to talk about.


Credits: Michael MattiMartin HeiganSteve Dunleavy

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