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KalaMitica Plates and Frames

Make your walls brighter!

KalaMitica pots can be hung on every metal surface. Our supports have been designed to be put everywhere in the house in order to let your creativity run wild.

KalaMitica plates are available in different dimensions, colours and funny shapes. They are ideal to hang magnetic recipients and can be used as blackboards with chalk markers too.

Plates with wooden base can be put on flat surfaces. White and chestnut plates are also available with an elegant wooden frame.

KalaMitica supports are not just metal plates. In order to hang the pots on the wall, an invisible support has been created. It is a zinc-coated disc which guarantees stability to the pots as they were hung on a larger metal surface.

Do you want to have fun by creating your KalaMitica compositions? You can buy our products both in our e-shop and in our stores.


  • plate heart with word love, plate quatrefoil with word luck, lavagna cuore con scritta, lavagna quadrifoglio con incisione
    33X33 CM

  • led, strong coat hanger, appendiabiti, appendino

  • metal plate, lavagna scrivibile, gatto, farfalla, cat, butterfly

  • led light frame, quadro led


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