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KalaMitica Magnetic System: the brand that made us known not only in Italy, but also throughout Europe.

KalaMitica was born from the idea of ​​creating green walls easy to maintain, in any room of our house.

Then the project developed more and more, until it became a complete system, suitable for exploiting the vertical space and leaving tables, desks and worktops free.

It takes little: one steel blackboard, some magnetic containers or pot holders …And that’s it!

The magnetic boards find their place in any environment: to collect souvenir magnets in the bedroom , to write the shopping list or organize pot holders and utensils in the kitchen, to hang keys and coats in entrance…We have studied the most disparate solutions for you and together with you!

That’s right: KalaMitica is careful to any need , and even offers a service of custom-made blackboards to furnish offices, entrances, kitchens, bars, gyms and rooms exactly as you would like them.

Come and discover our offer in the shop online and be inspired by the images of ours Gallery.

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