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Kalamitica, for a practical and stylish home décor

Does it sound too difficult to marry style and convenience together in a unique piece of design? Well, there is nothing to worry once you have the right items at hand.

KalaMitica magnetic pots, for instance. These containers can be implemented in the most various ways; you can hang them in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the living room and even in the bathroom. Doing so you will always have at hand all you need. Here after follow few original and outlandish ideas.

KalaMitica is Mojito


When it’s hot, what’s better than a thirst-quenching cocktail with mint leaves? Here then are the boule KalaMitica they can become practical and fun containers to always keep your favorite aromatic products at hand. The kitchen (and the drinks) will be a whole different story!

KalaMitica is Kitchen, and what a Kitchen!


No aromatic? Little changes, the KalaMitica magnetic jars are also perfect for containing cooking utensils. How many times has it happened, while preparing lunch or dinner, to get away from the hob to take a ladle, a spatula or a whisk?

With KalaMitica you will have the opportunity to keep everything at the distance you prefer, obviously with class!

KalaMitica is Summer

KalaMitica metal plates in the shape of a flower they are ideal for creating a cheerful atmosphere that smells of summer. In the living room, in the study or in the children’s room, these magnetic supports can also be transformed into fun blackboards, as long as you use liquid chalk.

Can you think of any other original ideas for using KalaMitica? There are magnetic vases for all tastes, keep an eye on all ours promotions!

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