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How we work


Our company has always had the goal of spreading the excellence of Made in Italy all over the world.
For this reason, the export quota has always been higher than that of the internal market, and our products reach more than twenty countries thanks to ours retail customers.
In some countries we also use commercial agencies e independent distributors, to build one capillary network and ensure adequate dissemination to each market.

We are also present on the main ones distribution platforms on the web.
We operate throughout Europe, either through direct sales to the platforms themselves, which they then resell to private individuals, or through Dropship, if required.

We also have an e-commerce site , through which end customers can directly purchase our products.
We ship to Italy , Europe and even the United States.

In addition to standard products, you can also order through our website custom-made blackboards, of the most varied shapes and sizes.
It is one of the most requested and appreciated services, because it allows you to receive a unique and exclusive product, specially designed according to customer needs.

Even in promotional market we can offer personalized solutions: we have collaborated with important brands both for exclusive and dedicated productions and in co-branding.


For us there are no more or less important customers: our goal is that everyone, from the end customer to the large retailer, is satisfied with our products.
We believe that make yourself available who works with us is at the base to relate in an optimal way.

For this reason, for those who have already embarked on a path with Sgaravatti Trend and with the KalaMitica brand, and for those who decide to do it in the future, we will soon offer the possibility of using a B2B cloud portal new generation, accessible from any browser through personal credentials.
This tool will allow you to place orders with extreme precision and to follow it step by step progress.
It will also make available to the user, in an orderly manner, all order documents , providing service and assistanceeven after the purchase.
Thanks to the portal and applications of Integrated CRM Finally, it will be possible to communicate with the company quickly and easily, and to receive replies and real-time assistance.

Shipments are managed through selected transport companies , to guarantee all our customers the maximum speed in delivery and above all theintegrity of products.

Our commitment is also for the environment protection.
For this we use cardboard packaging FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council), that is, with materials coming only from forests where strict environmental, social and economic standards are respected.
Furthermore, we respect the SIOC standard (Ship In Own Container): an ecological and less expensive choice that allows you to avoid further unnecessary packaging.

E-commerce and marketing

In recent years we have learned to keep pace with the times to make the best use of all the tools it has technology makes us available.

For example, we are present as sellers across Europe in Amazon.

We are now well rooted also on the web, however in Italy there are still many professionals, craftsmen and small businesses that offer excellent products and services, but which are not yet ready and organized to make themselves known also through these new distribution channels.

Today the need is increasingly pressing create new synergies and to make their expertise available to face the future.

And here is Sgaravatti Trend Srl, thanks to the visibility of its brand KalaMitica Magnetic System, accepted this challenge.

For this reason, we have decided to use this company website also for talk about other realities and give them a space where they can tell their experience and their products.

To the question “How helping small Italian companies of excellence to increase your visibility? ”, we gave one concrete response: work together and collaborate in a real and lasting way.

Sure of their merit, we have therefore chosen some suppliers to complete the range of KalaMitica products: find a selection of their best items in the section Chosen for you of our e-commerce site

Keep an eye on it … soon there will be big news!

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