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How to paint your walls according to Feng Shui

Colouring the walls of the home is not only a way to make the environment more beautiful: the choice of colour to use is in fact very important to give an identity and a real character to the room.

To understand which colour to choose, we can be helped by the principles of Feng Shui, the ancient oriental art that aims to read and interpret the landscape and the domestic environment, organising shapes and spaces in such a way as to make them harmonious for those who live in them on a daily basis.

Coloring the walls of the house according to the principles of Feng Shui

Its principles, adapted to modern times, are still followed today by architects and interior design enthusiasts.

So let’s see which colours should be used for the walls of the main rooms of the house, according to Feng Shui experts.

Living room

living room walls feng shui

The living room is the place to relax and spend time with family members or guests; colours should therefore be used that convey tranquillity and encourage conviviality.

Passionate colours such as reds are therefore recommended, but in soft tones so as not to be too intrusive and to encourage a feeling of calm.

Lilac can be a solution, but orange (not too bright!) is also good, if it suits your taste.

If, on the other hand, you prefer the ‘relaxing’ side of this room, then light blue is the shade for you.


Blue is also ideal in the bedroom, as blue hues generally represent depth and meditation.

Be careful though: even in this case it is better to tend towards soft colours, as a too bright blue might make you think too much, while in the bedroom we need to encourage sleep, thinking yes, but without exaggerating.

A good alternative to blue is green, which we associate with natural landscapes. What could be better than nature to aid sleep?


feng shui kitchen walls

But enough about relaxation, let’s move on to the rooms where we need more…energy.

Like in the kitchen, where we have to prepare food, clean up and often start the day by preparing a good breakfast.

What colour can give us the right energy more than yellow?

This is in fact the colour of the sun and of the warm elements of nature, an excellent dispenser of vitality and creativity, indispensable qualities when standing in front of the cooker.


A very important natural element, water, reigns supreme in the bathroom.

The principles of Feng Shui therefore prohibit all warm colours, reminiscent of fire, such as red, orange and yellow, while blue, but also green or grey, are highly recommended.

In the bathroom, you can also dare stronger shades, perhaps alternating with weaker ones or directly with the ‘non-colours’ black and white.

After painting your walls, would you also like to decorate them? Try these original and creative solutions.

Credits: living room photo Brent Schmidt, kitchen photo Nancy Hugo, CKD, bedroom photo Steve Larkin.

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