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How do you organize a small living room?

Salon is the most used room in the entire house; therefore it should be comfortable, warm and functional.

If space at your disposal is little, but you do not want to give up a proper living zone, than try to organize details and furniture according to a minimal and basic style. Here follow some simple-to-realize ideas.



If you want to recreate an environment where to relax and read a good book then you should forget the over-employed classical couch and go for one or two chaise-longue. These comfortable and sophisticated “stretched” armchairs are really comfy and can transform the environment, making it spacious and airy, especially if placed on the short side and equipped with a space-saver: a special dresser where to store all the superfluous staff.



To be functional a room should be space-waste free and shelves represent the perfect detail to organize books and random items accurately and tidily, a little more care for dust is the only tool to be paid.

You will also be amused by the symmetric dynamics that shelves can create exploiting their vertical dimension and the minimal style, just watch out to avoid overfilling walls.



If you cannot fully exploit direct light or the luxury of big windows, than mirrors come at hand. The trick is to place them with some strategic thinking in order to leave them reflecting and spread the light spots to the entire surrounding environment. But remember, the optical effect will be realistic only if mirrors are “clean”, without frills or frames.

realistic only if mirrors are “clean”, without frills or frames.

Light dyes


Dark colours and small rooms have never gone along very well, this is why betting on the timeless white is always safe. Speaking the truth nothing prevents you from bringing a touch of personality to your walls, dyeing them according to Feng Shui principles or with warm shades, like beige, cream or very light grey.

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