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How do you organize a small bedroom?

Bedroom is the least frequented room in the house, but also the most intimate: it welcomes us in those moments of relax and rest and it is the first place we see early in the morning when the clock has just rang. Every one of us would like it big and beautiful, but often spaces are not that generous. How can we recover? We can try to do so, getting the most out of furniture with few easy tricks. Let’s see them together.

Get rid of the dresser

All furniture is somehow useful, but none is critical. And this is particularly the case with the dresser.

Big and voluminous it takes away a lot of space from the bedroom and it is therefore useful to think alternative ways to store clothes. Is it possible to organize them in the wardrobe, maybe with some textile universal cases for personal items, or to opt for a wall mounted solution?

If yes, leave your doubts behind and take half a day to … reorganize!


A carpet free floor

During your reorganizing day, do not forget to free the floor from “unnecessary” items, as carpets are.

Hoping to have not disturbed your designer soul at the first steps it is useful to recognize that yes, carpets help making space even smaller and more fragmented than what actually is.


The bed shall prevail

Once you have freed your bedroom from all the “marginal” furniture, you can focus on the most important thing, the bed! Being it the king of the realm of peace and rest, the bed should always be placed in a predominant position that can either be central or next to a wall.


Light textile and neutral colour duvet

With textiles you can complete the task of “finishing the bed”: avoid frills and try to employ bed sheets of little thickness and of reasonable decorations; yes to neutral colour (white at first), yes to soft and light blankets and yes to pillows matching the walls’ tonality.


Light colour furniture

Furnishing the bedroom with light-colour wooden furniture (beechwood, ash, fir, larch) or neutral tonalities will burst the space at your disposal, of course only visually talking. The look of sobriety elegance and “cleanness” will get you at the first glance.



Is your living room small too? No worries, here there are some advice to organize it at its best.


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