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How can you paint eggs with flowers and plants?



What Easter would it be without eggs?

The chocolate ones are of course delicious, but also hard boiled eggs are a must for the Sunday lunch. Particularly if coloured….in a natural way!

What are you waiting for then? Go to your backyard (or your vegetable garden) and get flowers, leaves and vegetables to transform the eggs in a rainbow of colours. You do not know what to pick up? Here after follow some suggestions.

Purple eggs thanks to hibiscus dehydrated leaves


No need to waste tasteful blueberries, you just need an infusion of hibiscus dehydrated flowers to gift a beautiful purple to your eggs.

Boil 300ml of water in a small pot with two tea spoons of dehydrated flowers and the eggs. Let it go for fifteen minutes then drain and leave it cool down for an hour circa. Do you think the purple obtained is too dark? Try to brush your eggs with some olive oil and wait for the result!

Yellow eggs through chamomile tea…


If you are used to consider chamomile tea only as a mean to sleep you will be surprised of its properties as a natural dyer. The common tea bags are not that good, but if you have chamomile dehydrated flowers the result will be much better. Try to believe!

… and light yellow with carrot’s turfs


It is carrots’ time at the dining table, and how to better recycle their green turfs if not to dye boiled eggs?

The procedure is the same as with hibiscus infusion: prepare a small pot full of water, pour the eggs and the turfs then make it boil. Leave it go for a quarter.

Red cabbage for blue and fuchsia eggs


Colour-blind? No we can see very well, blue eggs are more garish than ever. How to get it? Easy, take off your mortar and your pestle from the shelf, clean them and smash a quarter of red cabbage. Pour in a cup the juice obtained and, to have a bright blue solution, add a tea spoon of bicarbonate. You can always change the bicarbonate with some lemon juice to bring a touch of pink to your eggs that will become fuchsia.



Credits: myheimu

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