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giardinoterapia e ortoterapia: quali sono i benefici?

Horticultural and garden therapy: which are the benefits?

Many studies and researches have proven a direct and undeniable link between gardening activities and gardeners well being.

Nowadays we often hear about horticultural and garden therapy, whose many benefits can be observed in different contexts. So, which are they exactly?

Natural anti-stress!

Groundskeeping or cultivating a vegetable garden helps to overcome everyday challenges, reducing anxiety and psychological stress. Moreover beyond the genuine experience of direct contact with the earth, it seems that also voluntary caring for living things, with no need of excessive focusing effort, and the absence of artificial incentives typical of our modern lifestyle, guarantees an anti stress therapeutic function.

In fact, beyond studies and scientific researches, this type of benefits are often confirmed by those who do gardening; and there’s no better proof than direct experience!

donna giardiniere che lavora l'orto, i benefici della giardino terapia.

A gym downstairs

Taking care of a garden is like taking care of ourselves. Activities that take place in the middle of greenery encourage physical movements: watering, seeding, planting vegetables and organizing the plot of land are all exercises very similar to those recommended by personal trainers; furthermore, moving around bushes and plants, require consumption of energies which, at the end of the day, will result in more calories burnt. So, if your green space is not limited to some pots on the terrace, be aware that you have at your disposal an outright gym, for free!

A concrete help against depression

Among those practicing garden therapy there are also individuals affected by serious issues. In fact, according to several studies, gardening is very beneficial for the treatment of depression and post trauma condition, as well as recoveries due to drug addictions. It is no need to say that vegetable gardens and courtyards alone are not enough to solve these problems but they yet are considered by many experts a very worthy support.

donna rilassata sdraiata in un prato, i benefici della giardinoterapia.

Prevent is better

You have probably been told many times that the best remedy is prevention. Well this is the case also with garden therapy. The relationship between nature and human beings is very strong as we were born in symbiosis with it. Being in touch with soil, plants, flowers and greenery in general more than being a good cure, it is also regarded as an effective vaccine.

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