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History bites: Vittorio Sgaravatti and lateral thinking

The history of the Sgaravatti family is long and full of significant events and anecdotes.

We would like to tell you about some of them, starting today from a nice story…we all really need it in times like these!

This episode shows us the importance of lateral and systemic thinking: to solve a problem, sometimes we need to think outside the box!

The protagonist is Vittorio Sgaravatti, great-grandfather of the co-founder of Sgaravatti Trend, Antonio.

One day, some time after the end of the First World War, a notice was published to cut trees along an important road, which was to be enlarged.

Vittorio Sgaravatti, with his company Sgaravatti Brothers – Seeds and Plants , wanted to participate.

His offer surprised everyone: he proposed to do the job at half price than all the other competitors!

Many believed that it was impossible, and that the thriving company would not be able to complete the work without huge economic losses.

Vittorio, however, showed that his competitors they were wrong…do you know how?

He prepared his buggy and asked some of his trusted workers to put some work tools in the carts, then he started his trip.

On the way, he stopped in the houses of the farmers, asking them how they lived, what they ate and how they warmed up during the winter.

For many of them, the situation was not easy: even in Veneto, as in all of Italy, farmers suffered from hunger, did not have great resources and had to work almost exclusively for the nobility and large landowners.

They only owned small plots of land near their houses, and their tools were inadequate.

Moreover, in those days firewood was a precious commodity, therefore they could not heat their houses in winter.

Sgaravatti Trend History

But Vittorio gave them a big opportunity: he asked them to cut the trees on the street, so they would also get the wood to warm up!

He offered them all the necessary tools, not only to cut down trees, but also to make their work in the fields faster and less tiring.

Thus, the situation was resolved in a positive way for everyone: the farmers found a way to improve their conditions and warm up during the winter, while the municipalities saved half the cost of felling trees on the street.

As for the Sgaravatti Brothers, in addition to winning the contract without having to carry out the works directly, it also managed to obtain benefits in the long run.

The farmers, in fact, grateful for the guidance and support they had received from the company, began to order the seeds from them!

Brilliant, don’t you think?

This is precisely the spirit with which we should face crisis situations: make available to everyone our skills and resources…in a word, collaborate.

The history of the Sgaravatti family does not end here, other stories and curiosities will soon arrive ….

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