Sgaravatti Trend

Guido Sgaravatti and examples from the past

In calling Sgaravatti Trend, if we wanted to make people understand history of our company, we would like to make a comparison with one plant.

In a plant the roots are as important as the fruits.

Of course, they are the fruits that feed us, but without good roots and fertile soil, the plant often goes into distress.

And this is also true for companies: without a good base, it is not possible to produce lasting value.

However, it is not always enough to have good roots to produce fruits: in fact, there may be periods of lean harvest, of sudden drought …

Despite ourselves, we too have faced some periods of this type, so we often ask ourselves: Does Sgaravatti Trend have good roots? Is our company growing in fertile ground?

The history of Sgaravatti Trend members starts from a solid and lasting friendship relationship, and this helps us to build a harmonious and peaceful environment.

Even the entrepreneurial history starts from far away: with their companies, the ancestors of Antonio Sgaravatti and Cesare Rizzato have left their mark in Veneto and in Italy.

Vittorio Sgaravatti, an entrepreneur with truly innovative visions, just think that as far back as 1860 he started selling plants and seeds by sending catalogs by mail: a real precursor of mail-order sales!

And then Cesare Rizzato, namesake of our Cesare, who with the brand Atala has produced and sold bicycles and scooters throughout Italy, allowing many to move independently during the economic boom of the 60s and 70s.

Many of you will remember the legendary motorcycle Caliph!

Important grandparents therefore, entrepreneurs of the past who really made the difference.

For all of us these examples are still valid, and we are committed to following them to make a sustainable and valuable business.

Another person who has had great influence and whom we want to remember today is Guido Sgaravatti, Antonio’s dad, known artist, writer and scholar of yoga and depth psychology.

Today June 8 would have accomplished 95 years, and even though he is physically gone, his spirit and teachings still continue to inspire us.

With his work and his books, he sent us values that we try to keep in the company: the love for shapes, for beauty, for the harmony generated by getting along with nature and with the people around us.

Values ​​that also allowed to KalaMitica to lay their roots in fertile soil ..

Guido Sgaravatti is therefore a continuous presence, as far as it has left us not only on a human level, but also in the artistic sphere, with its sculptures and drawings that decorate our rooms.

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