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4 original ways to renovate the walls of your home

When you feel like a change, all you have to do is sweep away the monotony and let yourself be carried away by creativity.

Yes, but how?

By giving your walls an extra touch of personality: a few small touches will be enough to give your home a breath of fresh air.

Let’s see some examples together.

Wall stickers

Practical, simple and inexpensive, wall stickers are the last trend.

They fit all styles – contemporary, industrial or shabby chic – bring colour to blank walls and fill empty rooms, completely transforming the atmosphere.

What’s more, they are extremely easy to apply and remove, leaving space to unusual shapes, bright colours and intriguing geometries.


Blackboard-effect wall painting

How many times, as children, did we see the unattainable dream of writing on the walls of our homes crumble away?

Grandparents, parents and relatives did everything they could to appease this innate artistic instinct and prevent that beloved felt-tip pen from even touching the immaculate white wall.

Good. Forget all regrets, because here comes blackboard effect wall paint, which transforms walls into writable and erasable surfaces.

In short, a beautiful way to fantasise freehand.


Magnetic walls with KalaMitica

In design, details are the elements that make the difference. Which ones, however, should you choose so as not to be boring or banal?

If you love the minimalist style, but cannot do without elegance and a hint of colour, KalaMitica is the perfect solution.

The magnetic pots allow you to arrange plants creatively, creating unusual green corners in every area of the house, in the kitchen, the bedroom and even in the bathroom!



Whether you are a frequent traveller or a passionate dreamer, it makes little difference: decorating your walls with maps is the best way to create a modern and original wall.

Let your imagination inspire you, using felt-tip pens, coloured dots, wool threads and trace your favourite routes, even those you have already visited.

If you always have your head in the clouds, why not also decorate the ceiling?


Credits: VOFANGislane Lima

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