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Experimenting, breaking rules.. and having fun!

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun”

Mary Lou Cook

It is from curiosity and from going beyond the known that we draw inspiration to grow, study and improve.

And here we are once again ready to experiment, in a transparent way, with you, to see if our paths can converge, without stakes.

Finally and after a lot of work, our goals for 2021 are taking shape.

We are ready to welcome anyone who wants to experiment, break the rules and have fun for a change.

Yes, you heard right: we present our new project!


The new B2B website of KalaMitica Magnetic System

The new site for retailers and partners who believe in Made in Italy, who want to increase their turnover through innovative articles, not in competition with those they already resell.

And what is more stimulating than starting a new project that gives you the chance to buy, resell and propose to your customers, without any pressure, new products and new ideas to get out of the crisis.

New stimuli and new experiences, creativity runs wild, topics multiply, you learn a lot of new things!

Then, in a certain sense, we also feel useful: we give everyone the opportunity to propose our Made in Italy.

Our creativity is a value we want to share with you

It has been two years of intense work, in which we have learnt a lot.

We have opened our arms and the doors of our business to the new, to change: it is a small step to create real synergies, which we hope will be appreciated by you who follow us.

All you need to do to work together is to have a VAT number and register on the site.

Simple, isn’t it? Then it will be up to you to choose what you want in all tranquillity and price transparency.

We look forward to seeing you…

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Mary Lou Cook, American (1918–2013), was a woman of many interests and experiences. Teacher, pacifist, literary author, with a remarkable ability to involve people. At the height of her life, at the age of 55, a leukemia confronted her with profound questions about existence. She said “When you face death, you become aware and start living.” An indomitable and deeply enthusiastic character. She lived until the age of 95, always gathering people and ideas around her and transmitting to them the great energy and desire to live that had always characterized her.

For further information: Mary Lou Cook in Santa Fe Living Treasures.

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