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Experimenting, breaking rules.. and having fun!

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun”

Mary Lou Cook

It is from curiosity and from going beyond the known that we draw inspiration for grow, study and improve.

And here we are to anticipate our new project, which really breaks the rules: from Monday 8 June we will sell Jams and Smoothies on our website!

Yes, you got it right: from this week we will present our new project!


You will say that we are crazy, that there is no consistency, that it makes no sense to put such different products on the site of a brand that produces and sells chalkboards and magnetic accessories: well, you are probably right, but…

But we want to keep on breaking the rules, making available to those who have suffered in this period our expertise and our preparation in online sales.

And what is more stimulating than starting a new project completely different from our core business?

For two months we had the feeling of being in a new company, we had a new game with the same team, it’s like being able to change jobs with the same travel companions.

New stimuli and new experiences, topics multiply, you learn a lot of new things!

Then, in a way, we also feel useful: we sell jams and smoothies of excellence, 100% Made in Italy, produced with passion and love, which help the immune system, which in addition to being delicious are good for health.

We team up between different companies, promoting this small artisan company which we believe is truly one of a kind.

We had two months of intense work, but we learned and taught a lot.

We have opened our arms and doors to something new, to a change: it is a small step to create real synergies, which we hope will be appreciated by you who follow us.

True, we took risks, but without opening the wings you cannot fly.

So see you soon, we have a lot to tell you…only 5 days are left, keep following us!

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Mary Lou Cook, American (1918–2013), was a woman of many interests and experiences. Teacher, pacifist, literary author, with a remarkable ability to involve people. At the height of her life, at the age of 55, a leukemia confronted her with profound questions about existence. She said “When you face death, you become aware and start living.” An indomitable and deeply enthusiastic character. She lived until the age of 95, always gathering people and ideas around her and transmitting to them the great energy and desire to live that had always characterized her.

For further information: Mary Lou Cook in Santa Fe Living Treasures.

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