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Decorating with indoor and outdoor flowers

Winter, who said “grey”?

We are used to admire colourful flowers only in the hot season, and we often ignore the existence of some plants that can live greatly in winter, even if temperatures are low and there are few hours of sunlight a day. Which are those flowers that can live during the cold season and contribute to transform our home in a colourful rainbow?

Let us see them together.


ericaErica can easily adapt to indoor and outdoor temperatures. It grows very small bell-shaped flowers that can be of many different colours: from lilac to pink, also pretty vivid, and to white. No matter if you have little time for  its well-being, Erica is really easy to take care of and your fatigues won’t vanish along with the warm weather, it survives also in summer, as far as it is kept in a shady corner.

Viola tricolor


Also this awesome plant has a long winter bloom, even if differently from Erica, Viola tricolor has to be put at repair when summer end approaches. Viola tricolor doesn’t need to be watered often, indeed just when its soil is dry. Considering that we are close to San Valentine day, did you know that Viola tricolor is the flower representing eternal love? Give it some thought if your partner is a green-addicted, as long as you haven’t already thought about KalaMitica rose!

Ornamental cabbage


Are you used to see only dressed and ready to eat cauliflowers?  Well this ornamental variety will force you rethink about cabbages, because they can be very good looking, as well as tasting and healthy.

Forget about traditional cauliflowers’ head and imagine a cabbage with curly leaves and cheerful shades: violet, pink and even yellow! Those are colours you will be able to admire until March!



Everything will change: from your hall to your study and your living room, they all will acquire a completely new design after being decorated with colourful cyclamens. Even better if your house walls are pastel, so Cylamens’ petals will contribute to create a cheerful atmosphere.

Would you like an advice? To keep cyclamens beautiful a little longer, put them in a place not excessively hot. Cyclamens do not like temperatures warmer than 15°C.
Credits: Sunchild57 PhotographyStefanoNemo’s great uncleMauricio Mercadante

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