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Create an alternative source

The wise says:

Do not get angry at the well which is dry because it does not give you water, rather ask yourself why you continue to insist on wanting to take water where you understand that you cannot find it. “

We are all used to going to get water from the well, but now the well is dry and the water is not enough for everyone!

In addition, the river is polluted … it’s really a disaster!

How can we drink, prepare food, do laundry and wash ourselves?

But be careful, maybe it’s not all lost!

Upstream there is a source: getting there, however, is long and tiring, and every time on the return journey you lose water from the buckets!

What to do then?

To find a solution to our problems, sometimes it is simply enough look at things from another perspective.

Elijah Hiett on Unsplash

Let’s try to change our perception of things: the well is a common good, and as such must be fed by everyone!

We can’t think of doing it every time alone, but we must open up to the possibility of find help in those around us.

The work is a lot, it’s true, but if we worked together everything would become easier!

We searched and found one alternative source: let’s connect it to our well with pipes and fittings, but above all with a lot of good will!

Only in this way will the path become easier for everyone, in fact, almost banal: the canalized water will reach the valley, directly into the well, and everyone will be able to drink and refresh themselves again.

This is how everyone’s good is safeguarded …but how many will want to work together to fill the common well?

How many instead will continue to struggle like crazy, alone, to get on and off with their buckets?

We are convinced that if we combine the skills and work together, having the common goal clear, we would all struggle less.

Of course, we will need skills, designers, engineers, workers, a lot of effort and a lot of effort.

But in the end we would understand that it is the common good that must interest us more than anything else.

And maybe, thinking together, we could also discover that the river water is polluted precisely because of our neglect and our lack of sensitivity towards everyone’s things.

And learn to be sustainable in what we do daily, taking care of this beautiful world.

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