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Coronavirus: being mad or responsible?

A company is nothing more than a small community: its dimensions are certainly not those of a nation, but it is still necessary to be responsible and follow simple and clear rules, to avoid unnecessary risks.

“Order and counterorder create disorder” is the motto of our boss: this maxim keeps its truth even in the health emergency in which we find ourselves.

So we want to tell you what happened within our company when the son of one of us came into contact with a positive for Coronavirus.

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What we have done?

First of all, we have warned everyone.

Not only the colleagues, but also all the “outsiders” who had attended the company in the previous days, for a meeting or a short visit.

Without alarming anyone, but pointing out that there was an increased risk, so as to pay more attention even at home.

The person involved then worked at home until the result of the Covid test, which was fortunately negative.

In the end everything went well, but we felt a strong social duty to warn all those who had visited the company.

A simple text message or a phone call is enough to warn of the danger, then another one a few days later, to communicate that it had been a false alarm.

It costs nothing and is very useful for preventing other problems that could have arisen if the outcome had not been what was hoped for.

Madness is not committed to defending the community, be it company or state, but it is keeping silent or denying that the problem may exist.

Alerting everyone in a preventive manner has helped us to remain calm and safe.

In fact, we continued to work, following the rules of social distancing and hygiene as we had always done, and everything went well.

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What if it went wrong?

In any case, probably the isolated person would have spent his quarantine at home and would not have passed the virus to anyone, we probably would have all had to undergo some tests… but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Coronavirus does exist and it is dangerous, but we must continue to work: for this reason we have to behave responsibly.

The choice to be more or less attentive and scrupulous is strictly personal, but we are aware that behavior that is inappropriate to the situation can cause serious damage to everyone.

This does not mean to stop living, but to learn to live with a little extra attention, which we hope will last for a few more months.

This week we had a meeting that involved everyone, to identify the correct behaviors to be maintained, even in the our headquarters, to defend ourselves from the Coronavirus.

We have never lowered our attention, but having moved and living in different spaces than before, it was good to reiterate the regulations in force since March.

Staying united, attentive to others and responsibly serene…hoping that everything will get better soon.

Don't panic and wear a mask
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