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Colour therapy, the most indicated colours for the house

It has been scientifically proven that colours can influence the mood: does chromotherapy tell you anything?
Even if this technique of the so called “alternative medicine” has only recently become trendy, it was already known and implemented by ancient Egyptians. They were used to employ pigments and colourful granules to get rid of unpleasant disturbs.
Nowadays, on the other hand, chromotherapy is considered a soft cure, which can help to equilibrate and restore positive feelings and the body-mind wellbeing. Let us try to exploit it where we spend most of our time, home.



Everyone knows this colour very well, it is the one proper of nature and it symbolizes strength, fertility and vitality.
Reassuring and calming, green seems to have positive effects even on bad smells and this makes it suitable for the launching room or the living room.



In the kitchen, on the other hand, is always better to implement warm tonalities. This key room is often painted with white, the colour of neatness and integrity. However the area could be made a little more welcoming with some red details, very important colour for its appetite-stimulating function.



Sun and light, these are the main thoughts yellow evokes when we look at it.
It is a bright and energizing colour; can you believe that it makes us happier?

For this reason yellow is recommended for the study room, where it can stimulate focusing and benefit memory.



Very close to yellow, orange is a warm tonality that perfectly fits in the bedroom, particularly in the children one: it stimulates growth, creativity and good humour.



Blue (better if in its light varieties, like light or mid blue) is associated to the sea and the sky, this is why it has a relaxing and comforting effect.
It is good for the bedroom where it helps sleeping and donates a sensation of happiness, even the feng shui approves.

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