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“Being there”: looks, places and stories

On Friday evening we attended the summer party in Padua Networking, a nice opportunity to meet and celebrate the restart after difficult months.

We were really lucky: we were sitting at the table with Leonardo Scarabello and a friend of his, Andrea Cristofanon, both with their companions.

We spent a really pleasant evening together, telling us about our work and sharing our expectations for the future and the problems we encounter daily.

Leonardo and Andrea have in common a great passion, the photography, which has also become their job.

They are very talented professionals, and together, in this reopening period, they had an idea that we would now like to make known to you too.

“Being there”

Cameras in hand, the bells of the companies, shops and artisans of the Bastia area, a town in the Euganean Hills where Andrea resides, rang to talk to entrepreneurs and portray their faces and emotions.

From this small journey a video and a book were born, entitled “Being there”.

We want to offer you the video here: their message came to us loud and clear, and we thank them for what they managed to convey with their images and with a few simple words.

All the faces you will see in the video tell a story, made not only of sacrifices and efforts, but also of the satisfaction of seeing their dreams grow.

Before the technique (and that is not discussed, because they are really excellent photographers), the philosophy.

And it is precisely for their philosophy, for their way of positioning themselves in the research the essence of people, that we will begin to collaborate with them.

We need to convey emotions through what we do, by telling beautiful and true stories.

We believe that together we can start one of these stories, in which passion combined with work generates value.

Thank you, Leonardo and Andrea: also KalaMitica wants to “be there”.

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