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Antonio Sgaravatti presents Monica Nicoletti

Today, with the words of Antonio Sgaravatti, we would like to introduce Monica Nicoletti, yoga teacher.

Monica will contribute to our blog with content close to our heart, especially concerning the wellness area.

I am always impressed by simple and humble people: very often they are the best.

Monica is among them.

Talking with her, one feels the love and passion of someone who is in harmony with herself, but also curious and never tired of what she has already learned.

The harmony in which she lives shines through in her simple gestures and in her competence, when she transfers her knowledge to her neighbour, with love and gentleness.

Monica Nicoletti

In short, a beautiful person who knows how to put those around her at ease and with whom one feels comfortable.

I have known her for a long time: she would often drop by for a visit at my parents’ house or at the Arte4D Association, founded by my father, Guido Sgaravatti.

She often brought her many students to meet him.

She still considers him a teacher, though he did not want to be called Maestro.

He humbly affirmed that when a person calls himself Maestro, a psychological detachment and dependence is created between the teacher and the learner.

The learner, on the other hand, must be free of any constraints: only in this way can he increase his awareness of his possibilities.

With him she was able to deepen her understanding of yoga as an introspective discipline and not just as a useful and liberating physical activity.

Through shared study, she learnt and deepened many meditation techniques, which help the psyche to release tensions accumulated over time.

A short curriculum vitae of yoga teacher Monica Nicoletti

Monica Nicoletti

Monica approached yoga in 2008 and obtained her teaching diploma at the Free School of Hatha Yoga Hamsa in Milan, directed by Maestro Maurizio Morelli.

A profound connoisseur of Tibetan culture, she ran her own association, ‘Yoga Libera Tutti‘, for a few years and then continued to teach in other schools in the Veneto region.

Today, she holds numerous courses online and at companies.

To find out more, visit the Facebook page Monica Yoga Libera Tutti.

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