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Anahata, the fourth chakra: what it is and how to balance it

What is the Anahata Chakra? The characteristics of the fourth chakra

Anahata means ‘uncaused and uninterrupted or infinite sound’ in Sanskrit.

This name is related to the rhythm of the heartbeat (where this chakra is located), but also to the infinite sound audible only in meditation, which is the sound of life itself and will remain beyond the death of the body: the Pranava Mantra OM.

It is perhaps the most important chakra.

Like a bridge between Heaven and Earth, it is the centre and dynamic factor of the entire chakra system.

From this lotus flows an inclusive, expansive, all-embracing energy, the energy of unconditional love, that is, love in the widest and most complete sense of the word.

Anahata is the seat of the winds of change, which have the power to sweep away or dissolve negative emotions from the lower chakras, such as fear, guilt, shame, anger, cautiousness.

Compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love are essential if one is to open this chakra and allow one’s energy to rise.

The healing of self comes through self-love, and if everything is One, the healing of the Whole is the healing of ourselves.

Although the chakra system is an Indian concept, healers in many traditions work with the heart centre, because a healthy heart chakra is a guarantee of deep and lasting healing.

Man must make himself a great alchemist and transmute his own self-centred sorrow into the power of love that is given to perform all magic.

What the fourth Chakra is connected to:

  • heart
  • unconditional love
  • air
  • sensitivity
  • purity
  • beauty
  • simplicity
  • freedom
  • understanding
  • feelings
  • giving unconditionally
  • courage
  • healing
  • spiritual intelligence
  • humanity
  • pain
  • breath
  • touch
  • colour green

How to balance the Anahata Chakra:

  • walking in meadows, woods and tree gardens
  • recharging yourself by leaning your back against a tree trunk and your hands in your lap
  • observing flowers and fruits as nature’s gifts of love
  • contemplating pink skies
  • practising Pranayama (balanced full breathing)
  • practising opening and extending asanas
  • declaiming the Pranava Mantra Om
  • accepting and welcoming oneself as one is
  • seeking union and understanding
  • falling in love each in their own way
  • singing, preferably in a choir
  • flying a kite
  • enjoying the wind
  • eating a vegetarian diet rich in green leaves
  • wearing green and pink clothes and accessories
  • listening to soft, harmonious sounds, classical, sacred and new age music
  • stimulating the sense of smell with essences of rose, lemon balm, sandalwood, but also pine and honeysuckle
  • using crystals: rose quartz, pink tourmaline, kunzite, emerald


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