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Plants that purify the air : KalaMitica’s Tillandsia

Tillandsia is a genus of plants belonging to the Bromeliaceae family, originating in Central America

Remember when we talked about the plants that purify the home air?

The domestic pollution, very frequent within the walls of the house, mainly depends on the harmful substances released from products or materials, such as paints o detergents that we commonly use.

How to remedy the problem?

There are some plants that are able to filter and at the same time purify the air.

Among these is the Tillandsia.

Tillandsia, the plant that lives suspended in the air

This very curious vegetable, perennial e evergreen, lives suspended, without any substrate where to sink the roots.
Tillandsia has long pointed leaves and has few, but essential, cultivation needs: it can live comfortably at home, since it cannot stand temperatures below 15 ° C.
It also prefers bright positions, a diffused light and not direct.

A “vegetable vacuum cleaner” that captures dust

  • Tillandsia_Caput

So far, satisfying her is simple, but pay constant attention to degree of humidity, which must be kept high enough.

Do not be discouraged and arm yourself with spray, nebulizing the vegetation of your plants with non-calcareous water. It is sufficient to do it once a week in the cold months, while in the warmer periods it may be necessary even twice a day.

Only in this way will Tillandsia be able to fulfill the task of “air plant”, a real “vegetable vacuum cleaner” able to intercept and absorb dust particles present in the air.

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