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About us

We like to define ourselves ideas producers.

We always try to find the right solution for every little or big problem, working step by step.
We design, draw, study and have fun working in a team.
After all, what is a company if not a group of people who are constantly trying to improve themselves reach new goals?
The best goals are precisely those that we have achieved together and that have made us to grow up, as a company and as people.
Each of us gives our best for achieve all goals that we set ourselves.
And trust me, the goals we set ourselves are many, sometimes even too many!
We certainly do not lack the ability to always find something new to dedicate ourselves to.
The best in this is precisely the founder of the company, Antonio Sgaravatti.
It is a loose cannon: it never stands still, it really combines all colors!
But fortunately in the corporate structure there are also his partner, Tiziana Pagnoni, and the trusty Cesare Rizzato… they take care of bringing him down to earth!

Another thing we love to do is deal: we are convinced that every idea, even the simplest, can become a precious asset for the whole group.
Nowadays, alone we would not be able to cope with the numerous and rapid changes happening around us.
This is why we believe in the value of collaboration and mutual help.
If someone is in trouble, they always find support and help in their desk neighbor.

All our departments work in harmony and with it look to the future: the Marketing, the Product development, Commercial, the Administration, we are all ready to constantly renew ourselves to better face the challenges that the times impose on us.
We are also proud of ours PRODUCTION, because it puts love and attention in everything he does.
Doing things right makes us satisfied, and the many positive opinions from our customers are the concrete result of our commitment!

Every day there we all meet together, not only in the office but also around our large dining table!
It’s the place where we really tell each other everything, and sometimes even great ideas can come up!
But not everyone likes to get lost in chatter: the “athletes” of the group always eat quickly, so as not to miss the daily ping pong tournament!

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