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Kit Semina (Seed Kit)

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We have decided to give a new image to our patented greenhouse.

It is a useful, funny tool to work with children but it is also very appreciated by gardening experts and lovers who use it to raise their flower and vegetable plants.

The small greenhouse keeps the right humidity to enable the germination of the seeds and it is the perfect place for the initial growth of the plants.


1) Sow few seeds of your favourite plants in each cell-tray.
2) Keep the transparent cover closed. The greenhouse needs light but it must not be hit by the sunrays directly.
3) Keep the soil humid by watering the plant at its bottom and by spraying it on the top.
4) After the seed is germinated, water the soil when it is dry.
5) Once the very initial growing phase has come to an end and the plants are in flower, remove what is redundant and keep only the strongest plants.
6) To make the plants grow good, put the greenhouse in the right position according to the type of plant and take off the cover.
7) Once the plants have taken root, remove them from the cell-tray and put them in a proper pot.


Seed Kit boxes

For anyone who loves plants and flowers, there is nothing like the pleasure or satisfaction of watching them grow from seed. Kit Semina is a complete plant germinating kit that produces guaranteed results. Now you can germinate your favourite plants easily – and just like a professional nursery but in your home in a simple, clean and entertaining way.

It is possible to grow aromatic herbs, flowering plants and vegetables that then can be moved to the terrace or the garden.

Suitable fort he kids, it bringst hem closer tot he plants world in a recreational and instructive way.

The Kit includes everything you need:  the perfect soil for the seeds to sprout, so no more messy pouring from a giant bag;  a measuring saucer (the packaging itself) that helps you add the exact amount of water needed; and a transparent cover to protect the seedling from cold, and hold in the heat and humidity it needs, just  like a mini greenhouse.

The Kit Semina is composed by a small greenhouse, cells-tray with soil, seeds, one plant marker and the instructions to seed.

Kit Semina is also proposed in a elegant carton packaging ready tob e gifted: it contains two small greenhouses, cells-tray with soil, four seed bags and four plant markers.

It is available in two themes: Italian Herbs and Flowering Italy.

Kit Semina is available to purchase online in the UK at .

(In Italy it is available through ‘Aromi Italiani’ and ‘Italia in Fiore’ both on and in Germany on


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