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5 ideas to make bathing fun and enjoyable

If it is true that the bathroom is on the podium of the most important rooms in the house, it is equally true that it is the environment that “suffers” most from banality and monotony.

How can we, then, renew its aesthetic appearance, without upsetting the existing furniture? Let’s see 5 original examples to make the bathroom not only beautiful, but also fun.

Wall bookcase


The wall bookcase can be a solution for beautify all types of bathroom: it will be sufficient to choose a small size in the case of a room of limited dimensions, and a large size when there are no particular measurement problems.

How to fill the piece of furniture, it’s up to you innate creativity and attention to detail: books, knick-knacks, colored or monochromatic towels and plants are just some ideas for finding the right inspiration.

Kalamitica boards

Suitable for any style – contemporary, Nordic, decorative – the magnetic boards by KalaMitica tastefully decorate the bare walls.

We chose the rectangular one, but with the forms and compositions you can really indulge yourself!

Paint the walls


Painting the walls, what easier way to make a bathroom beautiful and fun?

If you want to go back a little kids, opt for i crazy colors, otherwise rely on feng shui, the oriental discipline that will help you create an atmosphere in harmony with nature.

Paintings or blow-ups


Goodbye boredom! A nice picture or a blow they can radically change the appearance of the bathroom, as long as they meet the right color criteria.

For example, white and blue are perfect for a marine themed room, as are i “floral” paintings they adapt very well to the room where wood is the protagonist.

Flowers and Plants


We often make the mistake of beautifying the bathroom with fake plants: mistake! There are splendid species that withstand excessive humidity very well (the orchid, for example) and make the room a lively and friendly environment.

Credits: DuPont SurfacesLorenzoclick

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