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4 space-saving ideas for the kitchen

When you have to deal with a small kitchen, the space is never enough.

How many times do you find the cooking surface completely full, maybe while preparing dinner, and you do not know where to lean the pan, the cutting board or even the knife?

Well, the only trick to fully exploit the potential of a small kitchen and make it tidier is to keep at hand everything you use frequently with the help of some space-saving objects.

Which are they? Here you find some examples. 

Kitchen Wall Rails 


Kitchen wall rails, useful to hang on cups, spice jars and all kind of utensils, represent one of the most practical and low cost solutions to take back some room from the kitchen.

You can choose either the small type and hang it at the sink-height, or the bigger one, which can hold heavier objects such as pots.

Extendable tables with containers 



Functional and fashionable, the extendable table is very handy: it is possible to keep it shut when your dinner is among few and it is possible to open it if you need to welcome some more guests.

What would you say if that table is not only extendable, but it is also equipped with a small drawer? The perfect idea to store pots, wooden utensils, pieces of cutlery and all the other objects that require to be stored in an enclosed space.

KalaMitica Home


Pasta, biscuits and coffee? Exhibit them in a bubbly and breezy design box such as Kalamitica Home.

Thanks to its special transparent version, you can organize a wonderful pantry at everyone’s sight, keeping always under eye all provisions; in the meanwhile, Kalamitica Home’s lid will take care of maintaining unchanged food’s aroma.

More than comfortable, this is also a lasting solution: Kalamitica Home can be attached on metal supports through its strong magnet, or directly on the wall, thanks to a two-screw plug.

Shelves and Corner furniture 


Shelves and small furniture are both perfect to organize a tiny living room and to save precious space in the kitchen.

Did you know about corner furniture? Differently from the classic kind, shelves and corner furniture exploits unutilized spaces, perfectly adapting to room’s shape and size.


Credits: Bryan Leepaige_eliz



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