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4 living room colour palettes

How could you make the living room comfortable and welcoming? Rethinking your walls is not enough, it is crucial that colours match the environment through neat geometries and harmonious tonalities.

Indoor designers call it “60-30-10”, a role that intertwines, in different quantities: a predominant colour, filling the 60% of the room’ surface, a complementary tonality, which has to fill 30% of the living room, and a nuance one, obviously marginal, whereby to decorate the 10% of the remaining space. But how to make the colours perfectly match? Here there are our favourite palettes.

Brightful tonalities for a ‘70s alike living room


Pastel yellow, pale cornflower blue and pale lavender compose the palette of the living room, lightful, fresh and straight from the ‘70s.

A return from the past distinguishable from the retrò lines, style details and comfy seats, stepping back from the rigid modules of other years.

The environment gets sophisticated with ancient greens.


A slightly dark wooden parquet, like wengè, greatly matches ancient shades of green, resulting quite chic. And that is how our palette gets coloured of tè leaf, turquoise green, dark green and a very refined hybrid: the gray-green tea.

Intensity and character through pink and violet


Assembling your living room through furniture around the tones of bright pink and prune or orchid violet ensures a strong emotional effect.Just one weakness: the environment must be big enough, to avoid the feeling of coldness and darkness.

Total white, for small environment


It is the most popular fashion, it donates elegance and brightness to every room, particularly to those very small: the total white is the best to furnish your living room in shabby chic, modern or nordic style.

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Credits: cassandra lavallePolygon Realty LimitedBoa-Franc

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