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10 succulent plants that are easy to keep indoors

How nice it is to take care of some plants and devote ourselves to our little green corner at home every day!

However, many fear that they do not have enough time or are unable to grow their own seedlings.

But don’t worry, we can help you!

For all those who think they don’t have a green thumb, we have chosen 10 succulent plants that are easy to keep indoors and require no special care!

Not only have we chosen them, but they are also available for purchase in our online shop!

The varieties we have selected are part of the large universe of succulents, so they can live without water for many days.

Taking care of succulents indoors is really easy!

Just follow these few but valuable tips.

  • Expose them in a very bright area. Perhaps near a window.
  • Never water when wet! If the plant has damp soil, no water should be given at all.
  • In the vegetative period, that is in spring and summer, we water once a week at the most. In the winter rest period, however, we can almost forget about giving water!
  • Never water on the flowers. The plant could become stained or, worse, rot.
Pianta Grassa Mammillaria in fiore

Succulents do not grow fast, so they can stay in their pots for a long time.

Having a green wall of KalaMitica Magnetic System near a window in your home will bring you closer to nature.

And if, with these small attentions, the seedlings flourish, you will have immense satisfaction!

Those succulents have really beautiful flowers!

Fiore rosa di un cactus
Photo by Dustin Humes on Unsplash

But what are the 10 easy succulents that KalaMitica has chosen for you?

Here they are, we present their names!

  • Echinopsis subdenudata
  • Haworthia big band
  • Haworthia superfasciata
  • Mammillaria bombycina
  • Mammillaria glassi
  • Mammillaria hahniana
  • Mammillaria spinosissima
  • Notocactus leninghausii
  • Pachycereus pringlei
  • Ferocactus emoryi

Come and discover them in our online shop, where you will find lots of photos and new care tips!

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