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10 good reasons to give Made in Italy products as gifts

The crisis has brought us to a new awareness and we are all now aware that if we want to recover we must also be more careful about what we buy, supporting Made in Italy.

Why do we recommend buying Made in Italy?

Here are 10 good reasons to choose Italian products.

Photo by Jakub Puchalski on Unsplash

1. Employment and work

What’s behind a product we buy?

There is all the work of a company, which studies, makes and sells its products or services.

All companies and people who work receive remuneration for their work, and part of this is then redistributed through taxes.

This distributed income is the real wealth – primary, secondary and tertiary – of the country in which one lives.

2. Circular economy

If the product is made in Italy, the entire production chain is helped: from raw materials to packaging and logistics.

The production chain is also made up of companies, which in turn create income for their employees and wealth for the country.

3. Export finance

The more we buy Made in Italy products, the more our companies will have finance to support research, work, employment and investment.

If companies export, they create additional value for the country’s revenue.

This gain, reinvested to export further, creates a virtuous circle that will allow an increase in the presence of Made in Italy products in the world.

4. Supporting companies to innovate

If companies manage to create income, they can invest in new projects or products.

However, to be able to innovate you need money.

The help that comes from the simple act of buying Made in Italy products creates the conditions for companies to invest in exports, online sales and the study and development of new products.

5. Ethics

The consciousness of knowing how things are produced is also not to be underestimated.

In Italy we know that we have laws and regulations that protect workers and minors, which is not always the case for many other countries from which we buy imported products.

The ethics with which the products are manufactured is an important guarantee for an informed purchase.

6. Quality

Usually, Made in Italy products have better quality standards than imported ones.

Some are truly excellent.

In fact, Made in Italy is considered a brand that guarantees quality, even in other countries of the world.

Buying in Italy, moreover, we know who to turn to if we do not like the products we buy, and companies are very attentive to customer satisfaction.

All too often we have bought imported products with attractive prices, but which later turn out to be useless or of poor quality.

In doing so, we imported rubbish and exported currency, impoverishing the country.

7. Small artisans and small and medium-sized enterprises, 70% of GDP

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

Italy has an incredible artisan culture: there are production districts that are still considered real areas of excellence all over the world.

Just think of glass, gold, textiles, furniture, fashion, shoes, furnishings, not to mention the agri-food sector, recognised as unique worldwide.

Artisans and small and medium-sized enterprises are very important for the entrepreneurial fabric of our country: let us defend the heritage of knowledge and value of these enterprises.

We help artisans to grow by giving them visibility even with simple shares on social media when they publish their work.

Actions that cost nothing, but can help those small businesses fatigued by this historic moment.

8. Biodiversity in the agri-food sector

Photo by Vince Lee on Unsplash

The agri-food sector deserves a separate chapter: we are in the nation of biodiversity!

Wine, cheese, fruit, vegetables, cereals, and our ability to transform these raw materials into products of the highest quality makes our nation unique in the world.

We have a very unique food culture, precisely because raw materials have unique characteristics and are all different.

We defend the diversity and variety of our products of excellence.

9. Beauty and art

Photo by Jonathan Körner on Unsplash

If we walk through the streets of our cities and are enraptured by our surroundings, it is thanks to artists, patrons and workers driven by ingenuity and culture.

Without them, we could not see, read and hear what we see, read and hear today.

Supporting art, ingenuity and culture is crucial for a fresh start.

We seek beauty and shun decadence by changing our mental dress.

We often celebrate the Renaissance era, but what would have been left without the works of the great talents of that period?

The patrons of that time understood the importance of surrounding themselves with talented people.

In order to emerge from the new cultural Middle Ages of our times, we must recreate the culture of beauty that has made our nation unique: let us learn, in our own small way, to become promoters of beauty.

This can be done by simply looking around, getting to know, appreciate and share what we already have.

10. We need many drops to form a sea

Photo by Trollinho on Unsplash

The change that is taking place leads us to believe that only united can we meet the challenge that awaits us, that of a world with greater solidarity, more environmentally friendly and better for all.

Made in Italy is more expensive, we know, because the costs to produce and distribute are higher.

Buying Made in Italy products means supporting the teamwork between producer, distributor and consumer, becoming part of a virtuous circle that creates value for all.

Without domestic production, we would not be able to increase our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and grow the economy that provides everyone with hospitals, schools and all other services.

At the same time, it makes us aware that we have made a sustainable, ethical, quality purchase, and share it with the many people who do business in this wonderful country.

This is not to say that we should stop buying imported products: some we could not and would not be able to do without.

When we can, however, we choose Made in Italy because, despite the price difference, that purchase will help to make the sea of a better future grow, drop by drop.

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