Flowers and colours play a main role in spring and, with their unusual scents and their cheerfulness, they replenish landscapes, streets, backyards and terraces.

Why leaving these two characters of the good season outdoor when they can bring some freshness inside? Let us see together how to give some verve to domestic environments and to the dining table, realizing originals (and very chic) spring decorations.

Primroses and hyacinths


A must-have during springtime, your home cannot go without primroses and hyacinths during the good season. Once you place them in a beautiful spotlight, over a shelf or next to a window, their bright tonalities will wonderfully stand out, particularly if in presence of white walls.

An original idea to organize your pots? Conserve the bread’s bags and fold them on your pots, they will result in beautiful and vintage-like pot covers.

Kalamitica pot with flowers


Kalamitica is beautiful and effective only on the wall. Wrong! The magnetic pot can be effective also as an elegant detail to decorate the table. An outdoor breakfast, an informal lunch, or a dinner with some friends are all good opportunities where KalaMitica can become a remarkable centerpiece.

Napkins with tulips


Home has never been this beautiful: tulips, with their several colors, represent a chic and tasteful decoration. For instance, why not using them as seats indicators for the dining table? Cut the stems of 4-5 tulips; make them of 15 cm circa, than you can hold together the bouquet with a ribbon of whatever colour you like. It will be a guaranteed success!

Garden of aromatic plants


How to have at your disposal all the spices and herbs to prepare delicious dishes? Possible, with the green wall – Crazy Pallet, a creative and very green solution that will transform your kitchen in an efficient environment.

If you like these ideas and you look for some more inspiration, here after follows a list with all the plants and flowers foretelling spring.