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KalaMitica: the world’s first Magnetic Pot


What makes KalaMitica so special?

Well, there’s the shape of the pots themselves – three appealing shapes and lots of different sizes – something to suit everyone.

Then there are those luscious, intense colours, of course.

But mostly, their unique feature is their super-strong magnet.  With a magnet fused into resistant, long-life resin, KalaMitica pots can be attached firmly onto any metallic surface and will stay there until you move them somewhere else.

And therein lies the secret. The KalaMitica collection is more than just this – it releases our innate creativity. Our attractive metallic display frames showcase your compositions. Choose pots with colours and shapes to complement every room in your home: kitchen, bathroom, living room or home office.  Even in the workplace, in a Reception area or entrance hall, KalaMitica stylish pot compositions add a touch of class.

With KalaMitica you can arrange your plants creatively, vertically! It is perfect for creating a green corner to liven up any room.

Looking for an original, unusual addition to your home, or a gift for a friend?

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